Advantages to a Silent Auction Fundraiser

All proceeds support the needs of students that fall outside of the regular school budget. Through grant monies and fundraising efforts, the BEF is able to provide food, clothing, rent relief, and teacher mini-grants to enrich students’ educational experiences. At Corks and Collars, guests can experience an evening of food, drinks and live music surrounded by Hunkapi Farms’ 10-acre farmland and gardens nestled in the heart of North Scottsdale. In addition, the fundraiser will feature a silent auction, raffles, grab bags, arts and crafts and other activities.
If your auctioneer is excited, your bidders will be too, which will encourage higher bids. To see more of the benefits mobile bidding provides, check out BidPal’s mobile bidding features and see for yourself what these amazing tools can do for your next auction. Whether it be for a specific campaign or for your overall cause, a charity auction is a great way to raise money. Most charity auctions work well in the spring and fall, when your supporters aren’t out of town on summer or holiday vacations. On the other hand, online auctions can reach participants worldwide, but they may lose the sense of urgency that so often drives an in-person auction. If you want to run a successful fundraising campaign through your auction, offer an exciting once-in-a-lifetime experience like a hot air balloon ride!
Restaurant gift certificates are the easiest item to start with, as many restaurants will gladly partner with you–seeing that an auction is a great opportunity for their business to get promoted. Our last blog How to Write an Effective Auction Item Description outlined the mechanics of writing a description that truly “sells”. To continue the conversation, in this blog article we will delve into why people place bids.
You can create adventure packages for those who like their entertainment to come with an adrenaline rush. Consider varying the sizes of these packages, including experiences for individuals, couples, and larger groups. Auctions can be categorized into three types of procedures for auctions depending on the occurrence of a price development[40] during an auction run and its causes. Auction item procurement takes time and effort, so don’t try to do it all by yourself. By taking online silent auction for nonprofits to look back, you will see which items performed best. Then, you can use that information to procure similar items again, as they’re likely to perform well.
Additionally, you can run silent auctions with a relatively small staff or volunteer team, reducing costs and making it easier to coordinate schedules. Silent auctions are a low-pressure fundraising method providing an enjoyable platform for donors to offer support. Running a silent auction can build stronger connections with your supporters and create a greater sense of community around your cause. After all, there’s no need to physically set up and manage the auction items, which also makes it a more cost-effective option. This can increase the potential audience for the fundraiser, leading to higher bids and more money raised for the cause.